3 Design Tips for Your Basement Remodel

When it comes to remodeling, basements can be tricky. You want your new basement to function as a comfortable living space, not just remain a place to store unused items in your house. If you’re planning a basement update for your home remodeling in St. Charles, MO, TLS Home Improvement has the experience and design… Continue Reading

3 Key Qualities of a Reliable Home Improvement Company

Finding a trustworthy home improvement company might seem challenging given all the choices. As one of the premier companies for kitchen and basement remodeling in O’Fallon, MO, TLS Home Improvement here discusses the key qualities that all reliable contractors have in common. Look for these key characteristics when hiring a contractor for your next home… Continue Reading

Use the Winter Months to Plan New Storage Space Renovations

Finding the space for all of the clutter around the house can be a difficult task, especially during the winter months when storing things outdoors is more difficult. Using the winter months to plan the home renovations you need for more storage space is one of the best ways to take the hard work out… Continue Reading

The Best Home Renovations to Add Value to Your Home

To add value to your home and prevent it from staying on the market too long, it must be in the best shape possible. A well-loved property may need remodeling before you put it on the market, but it can be hard to know where to start. As you choose which projects to take on,… Continue Reading

Avoid These Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

Whether you decide to upgrade your kitchen so your own family can enjoy it or because you plan to put your house on the market, it is important to remember that sometimes less is more. As you decide on your budget and what you hope to do with your cooking space, avoid these kitchen renovation… Continue Reading

3 Benefits of Custom Cabinetry

Remodeling your kitchen involves a lot of choices. From your countertops to your floor, every detail can make or break your space. One detail most people don’t put as much thought into is the cabinets. Many choose prefabricated cabinets that look nice, but maybe don’t work as well with the room as they could. If… Continue Reading

Why You Should Consider a Room Addition for Your Home

When most people think of remodeling their home, the first rooms they think of are the kitchen and bathroom. However, if space permits, a room addition may make more sense, especially if your kitchen and bathroom are already functional and aesthetically pleasing. Continue Reading

Finding a Great Remodeling Company

Do You Have a Quality Remodeling Contractor? When it comes time to tackle your next home remodeling project, you will want to hire a contractor who is prepared to handle the entire scope of your vision. One way not to go about this is to look exclusively for the lowest price. Although not necessarily an… Continue Reading